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Featured letter to the editor: Here's why I am so thankful for my dad

My father, Michael Simon, a long-time resident of River Falls, is retiring after 40 years of work at Andersen Windows in Bayport, Minn.

I recognize that people retire every day, but I cannot let this day go by without honoring the man who has worked so tirelessly for his family.

Dad’s job was physical, and there were days he came home bone weary and mentally exhausted.

There were lean years, with an an abundance of layoffs and bills, and not a lot of income. With three children and a wife to support, he never lost faith and always provided.

I know he sacrificed a lot of his own dreams to take care of his family, and, being children, we were not

always grateful, or fully cognizant of the support we were receiving.

It wasn’t until we became adults that we truly recognized how much he sacrificed for us -- how much he put himself on hold to further the interests of his family.

He helped all of us through college. He taught us a work ethic, to be responsible, kind, and honest.

He taught us through example that we have a responsibility to the people around us -- that it is our job to take care of others.

He did all this with a fantastic wit, a twisted sense of humor, and a smile.

On Monday the factory door will shut behind Dad for the last time. I just want him to know that we are truly thankful for all the good things he has brought to our family, that we thank him for all of his years of service, and we wish him so many blessings in his retirement.

We love you, Dad.

 --Kelley Simon

Eau Claire