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Featured letters to the editor in the River Falls Journal

Candidate's fair trade talk is spot on

Stephanie Brown

River Falls

International trade is important to U.S. manufacturers, but our companies cannot compete when cheaters like China continue to game the market.

A perfect example is the U.S. steel industry. Below-cost Chinese steel – produced by Chinese government-run steel plants – has flooded the world market, costing thousands of American jobs.

These Chinese steel manufacturers have become Chinese government welfare programs. They produce at levels dictated by the Chinese government – regardless of international demand – and ship their steel overseas because their own domestic demand has cratered.

Underwritten by the Chinese government, these steel plants have no concerns about profits or losses. They care only about meeting government-dictated production levels.

Luckily unfair trade practices by China have been highlighted this election cycle. Donald Trump gets that the Chinese government is killing American jobs and that trade cannot work if one side cheats.

Trump gets that we need to have trade with China, but that China needs to follow basic market rules and be a fair trading partner.

He gets that if we negotiate good trade deals, trade can work not just for China, but also for American workers.

Courts aren’t doing job of protecting us

Marvin L. Nelson

town of Troy

I am concerned about what I see in the courts.

There are four examples in the Thursday, Sept. 1, River Falls Journal.

1. Five hundred dollar cash bond on charges of strangulation, suffocation, domestic battery, disorderly conduct and sexual conduct with a child. Five hundred dollars??

2. Two hundred and fifty dollar cash bond for FELONY stalking. (Emphasis mine.)

3. Five thousand dollar signature bond for two counts of felony bail jumping, five counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, strangulation and misdemeanor battery.

4. Topping it all off, a registered sex offender was released on $2,000 signature bond. He was charged with felony child enticement, exposing genitals, physical abuse of a child and 4th degree sexual assault.

I question the judicial system in several areas. All four examples involve safety of the public. The public is not being protected by these ridiculously low bails.

Under the heading bail jumping, every week in the paper there are multiple charges of bail jumping.

How many bail jumpings are needed before the jail door is slammed shut on these people?

I am urging the D.A.’s office and judges in Pierce and St. Croix counties to better protect the public with high bail in cases that involve the safety of the citizen

These letters to the editor were originally printed in the Sept. 8 print edition of the River Falls Journal.