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Featured Letter: Let’s turn Lake George into a charming oasis

Michael Page (last week’s letter writer), a proponent of a ‘free’ Kinnickinnick River, asks us to imagine the Kinni without dams, and asks whether we would dam it today.

I love wilderness, too, but to see a cascade, Willow River State Park is close enough for me.

I’m more excited about making the most of Lake George and its walking path. I hope that other Journal readers will become enthusiastic, too.

A lake park downtown is a resource few towns or cities have. Lake Calhoun, Lake Geneva, and Lake Monona in Madison are prized assets of their cities.

Lake George needs better landscaping and some amenities to become the charming oasis it should be.  I think the investment will be smaller than the cost of ripping out the dam, and the daily usability for River Falls residents will be greater.

Please look at a Facebook community page I created called ‘Friends of Lake George Walking Path.’ I have posted ideas on enhancing our downtown lake and making it a park we all can enjoy.

I posted photos of Frederic Law Olmsted gazebos and a bridge from landmark American parks. Also some suggestions for adding pines to screen off the grocery store from view, and otherwise enhance the year-round beauty of the lake. One or two children’s spring riding toys along the path should provide some fun for the under-6 year old set.

A path built out along the old railroad embankment and crossing a bridge back to the riverbank would add a mid-river viewpoint at the top of the Lake.

Please take a look and add your own ideas and photos. Eventually we can present this to the City Council.

--Marti Piepgras, River Falls