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Featured Letter: After my overindulgence, I was left alone, abandoned

River Falls is a place where I’ve always felt safe. It’s a community where people watch out for each other.  It’s with this thought that I decided to write and urge the bars downtown to consider changing certain policies.

Some friends and I were playing trivia downtown on a recent Sunday. We decided to visit a few other establishments afterward.

Admittedly, I had more alcohol than planned. I accidentally dropped my popcorn upon which I was forcefully removed from the bar.

I wasn’t allowed back in to ask my roommates to walk me home, there was no offer to call a ride, or to alert my party for me. There I was -- Too drunk to dish up popcorn, but not allowed to get the help I needed.

The rest of the night was a consequence of those actions. I won’t go into details, I will say I’m happy my roommates noticed I wasn’t with them and they searched for me.

It’s said God watches over small children and drunks -- there was no such guidance on this night. I’m neither the first nor last girl to regret those last few drinks, but what I regret most is dropping popcorn.

This is the first time I’ve been kicked out of a bar, so I’m sure that other establishments have different policies. However, I would like to ask that all River Falls bars allow people deemed too incapacitated to remain in their establishments to at least make contact with their party before forcing them out or make contact on their behalf.

As stated earlier: River Falls is a community where people look out for each other. Even though my personal feelings of safety are irrevocably changed, I hope this letter helps another girl who finds herself alone on the street.

--Emily Dusek, River Falls