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Letter: Steve: You're a hero

Miya Brown and sister Annyssa Brown with bus driver Steve Linehan. The girls were Greenwood Elementary School students on the bus that caught on fire Sept. 19 after being picked up at Kathy Morrow’s Kinder Kottage daycare center. Submitted photo.

You have served us well, Steve Linehan, a veteran bus driver for 16 years in the River Falls School District.

Yesterday was your finest day. You were courageous and brave and there for our children.

You are the reason those kids are waiting at their bus stops this morning, your smiling face greet them with trust and reassurance.

These are giant steps for those children, I’m sure we’ll never know just how difficult those steps were. In their hearts you will always be their hero.

For the families of all the children in River Falls, we thank the school district personnel including our amazing entourage of bus drivers headed by the incredible dynamic duo Ron Weishaar and Joanne Meier, along with their dedicated support team of personnel ‘behind the scenes’ at the bus garage.

Steve, you are our hero for a lifetime.

--Kathy Morrow, River Falls