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Letter: Never that far away

From left, front: Ed Pryzina (deceased), Perry Larson, Barb (Reis) Kahut, Pat Stafford, Dorie (Tobias) Stafford; back row: Mary Pryzina, Kathleen (Linehan) Purfeerst, Jerry Murphy, Cindy (Merta) Murphy, Butch Kahut, Lucy Larson, Art Feyereisen, Marilyn (Ostness) Feyereisen, Helen (Seekamp) Eberhart. Submitted photo.

There are some of us Sun City, Ariz., retirees who just can’t get River Falls out of our minds.

We’ve been meeting every Monday morning for breakfast since the late 1980s, and are still going strong —  even in the hot Arizona summers when the snowbirds have all gone up to Wisconsin.

But the bonds are strong. So strong, that in summer they continue to meet Monday mornings at Perkins on Main Street in River Falls for breakfast.

Every March, River Fallers are notified of the annual Arizona/River Falls picnic, held now near the beautiful Bell Recreation Center Lake, where they gather to drink coffee, share stories and just be together.

--Mary Pryzina, Sun City, Ariz.