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Letter: Provide dignity to those who could be left out

Soon, the St. Croix County Board will vote on whether to continue supporting St. Croix Industries with tax levy dollars.

St. Croix Industries is unique. It provides employment, dignity, meaning and self-worth to handicapped individuals in our county.

An outstanding hallmark of the St. Croix Industries staff has been the ongoing gentleness and support with which they consistently encourage and challenge clients to do and to be their best.

At the Sunday Masses at St. Patrick’s Church in Hudson, this intention was articulated in what’s called the Prayer of the Faithful:

“For the members of Congress and for local legislators, that God will inspire and embolden them to protect the dignity of human life, and promote the well-being of those who have been forgotten, and those who are in danger of being marginalized.”

I encourage St. Croix County Board supervisors to take those words to heart and, by their vote, to continue showing support for those in our county who struggle to support themselves.

Buzz Marzolf

town of Troy