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Letter: Wisconsin’s water resources at risk sooner than imagined

By Zack Lyon, River Falls

The state Legislature needs to be aware of a possible decision that I believe would be an incredible mistake made if passed.

I am talking about the decision to potentially hinder the public’s ability to defend against possible high-capacity wells from encroaching or threatening existing private wells and or other water sources.

The issue at hand is one I believe should be dealt with separately — and not be piggybacked onto the other financial issues.

This is a decision that has too many layers that could potentially affect people and businesses — not only from an economic standpoint, but an environmental one.

My choice of study in college was environmental science, so I have a very good understanding of the state’s water resources and how we can affect them.

Wisconsin’s groundwater is at serious risk if high capacity wells are allowed to affect the quality of private wells and watersheds.

Looking ahead to the future of Wisconsin, there are really only two things that truly scare me.

The first is the lack of qualified employees to fill the skilled labor pool once the baby boomers retire. The second is the state’s ability to conserve and handle future water issues that will come up.

As we all know, the value of water is going to be the equivalent to oil in the near future. What we need is a Legislature that ensures the stewardship of our precious water resources, not one that is willing to sell them to the highest bidder.