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Editorial: More parkland, we'll take it

Adding a 7.72-acre eastern strip to Hoffman Park will be a recreational plus for River Falls. As reported in last week's Journal, city and state DNR officials hope to finalize this verbal agreement by fall.

New parkland is always welcome for any community. Hoffman Park, along with Glen Park, are the two most popular and heavily used parks in River Falls.

Hoffman already has ballfields, skateboard ramps, disc golf course, volleyball courts, a kids playground, restrooms, picnic shelter and tables, campground, benches and drainage basin that's used for youth sports like soccer, baseball and football. The public-accessible Mound to the north offers looping trails to hike and a panoramic view of River Falls from the top.

The new addition is about 46% the size of the current Hoffman Park! That's a sizable boost for any park.

The next question becomes, how will the extra parkland be used?

Community Planning Director Buddy Lucero suggests future uses might reasonably include more ballfields, picnic sites and community gardens.

But Lucero won't decide himself. Area residents deserve and will have their say.

Expect public hearings on this subject later in the year. The Journal will publish the dates in advance. Your feedback will influence what becomes of the park addition.

So give the matter some thought. The park belongs to the public, to us. What do we need there? What do we like? What's affordable?

Meanwhile, those interested might want to get a head start and contact a City Council member and the mayor.

Another appropriate group to contact is the Park and Recreation Commission: Susan Reese, chair; Matt Fitzgerald, Mary Ayala, Brenda Gaulke, Dan Pittman, Dennis Zielski and Randy Kusilek (council representative).

Have them all take notes. Let the planning for a larger Hoffman Park begin.

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