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Days Gone By: Nov. 14, 2013

Marvin Dusek, center, winner of the “FFA King Corn” title with a yield of 116 bushels per acre. Orin Johnson, left, and Leslie Waxon, right, who were tied for third place, examine the crown. (1953 Journal file photo)

20 YEARS AGO, NOV. 18, 1993

Headline of the Week: Abduction foiled as young boy runs away.

An abduction of a 12-year-old boy on Main Street last Sunday afternoon by a 20-year-old UW student, possibly drunken and confused, was foiled. The boy said his first thought when the man flashed a badge and identified himself as a federal agent, was to go with him. When the man tried to steer him into a car the boy bolted and ran into College Snyder Drug Store, with the man following and shouting. Two customers saw there was something wrong and held onto the suspect while the pharmacist summoned police.

30 YEARS AGO, NOV. 17, 1983

In Main Street business news, June Sather joined the sales staff at Kruger Real Estate this month.

Mike Warner was named Mr. Bass by the Kinni Bassmasters, with Hulbert and Dale Bjerstedt taking second and third places.

High School seniors Allen Dusek, Kent Hughes, Greg Vincent and Jay Purfeerst were named to the all-conference football squad.

Sean Curti and Derrick Schmitt were leading rushers for the junior varsity team.

40 YEARS AGO, NOV. 15, 1973

Headline of Week: City, school, Chamber of Commerce officials pledge to cut electric use here.

The nationwide energy crisis has put River Falls on “half-power” in some cases, promises an “unlighted” Christmas, semi-dark stores, and cooler temperatures in schools, offices and homes.

It was decided that window lights would not be on unless absolutely necessary; outside lights turned off or put on reduced hours, thermostats turned down to 65 or 60; no Christmas lights on store fronts and decorations put up but not turned on; the university was to turn heat off in unoccupied buildings, along with other conservation measures and any household chores housewives could put off to off-peak hours was requested. Mayor Dugan Larson asked all residents to eliminate outdoor Christmas lighting displays.

60 YEARS AGO, NOV. 12, 1953

Marlyn Jennings, president of the Clifton Climbers 4-H Club, was chosen Achievement Boy of Pierce County and also of the district, which consists of eight counties. The Clifton Climbers Club, led by Mrs. John Flkins, was chosen top club in the county.

U.S. Navy tradesman Joseph N. Kahut was presented a letter of commendation for “outstanding work in the installation and modification of certain classified training equipment for the Mutual Defense Aid Program” in Hawaii.

Grocery specials included iceberg lettuce two heads/19 cents; pork roast at 43 cents/lb.; toilet tissue 4 rolls for 19 cents; pure lard 19 cents/lb.; pork loins 45 cents/lb.; and 6 cans of grapefruit/$1.

80 YEARS AGO, NOV. 16, 1933

A rummage sale was set and proceeds were to be deposited in the city relief fund. The American Legion offered up their hall for the event, and Mrs. Anna Brundage and Mrs. Jesse Symes were organizing drivers to pick up donations.

Local grocery specials included 3 lbs. Fairway bulk coffee, 80 cents; crab meat 20 cents/6 ½ ounce can; grapefruit 5/17 cents; pork spare ribs 3 lbs./25 cents; and hamburger 10 cents/lb.


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