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Days Gone By: 1963 Punt, Pass & Kick Contest

Left to right, in the front row: Donald Meyer, Bob Madson, and Paul Cudd; Back row: Dale TeHennepe, Thomas Morrow, and John Page. 1963 River Falls Journal photo.

A total of 81 boys took part in the Punt, Pass, & Kick contest in 1963, which Larry Peterson of River Falls Motor Co. termed very successful. The boys won prizes including jackets, helmets and autographed footballs. Left to right, in the front row, are 10-year-olds Donald Meyer, son of Roman, first place; Bob Madson, son of Edwin, second; and Paul Cudd, son of Paul, third. In the back row are 11-year-olds Dale TeHennepe, son of Glen, first place; Thomas Morrow, son of Edwin, second; and John Page, son of Don, third.