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Your Schools: Sending a farewell with some funny tales

Sending a farewell with some funny tales

Before the past school year becomes a distant memory, I wanted to share some of the humorous stories submitted to me by staff members.  Perhaps you will remember that the past two summers I have shared in June some true stories from the 2011-12 end-of-year story contest held in the district.

Back by popular demand, I’m now sharing some stories from the 2012-13 school year.See if any of these might put a smile on your face.

--I was up in front of the foods class going over what they were going to do for the day and I had all of the ingredients out on the demo counter. The eggs were out and there was one lone brown egg amongst all the white ones in the flat. One young man raised his hand and said, “Is that a chocolate egg?” I said “Yes, how did you know?” very straight faced. Then another young man replied “It is just like the chocolate milk we get.” Some things you just need to scratch your head and wonder. — Deb Ottman, teacher, RFHS

--Today in my Advanced Placement Language and Composition class, I am explaining to my kids the requirements for a writing assignment that will be due tomorrow. I tell them that it is a paragraph that should be less than 600 words, and because it is due tomorrow, they can either word process it or hand write it neatly in blue or black ink. Right after I make this statement, one of my students raises her hand and asks — “How, if they handwrite it, will they know the number of words in the paragraph?” — Jean Moelter, teacher, RFHS

n Classroom phone rings. Sixth grade boy says he will get it because I am putting boxes up in the back. Then he announces that Ava has a make-up lesson. Another student, “I didn’t know we have make-up lessons.”   Another student, “Yeah, Mr. Fuller he is one of the school play people. He gives make-up lessons all the time.”  Girl, “Cool, I didn’t know.”  Me- “Make-up band lessons.”  Girl, “Oh, too bad I could use the other kind.”   6th graders are too funny. — Toni Velure, teacher, MMS

--Today in science class while I was trying to wrap things up in my classroom a student came up to me and whispered in my ear. “Can I please go to the bathroom?’ I asked if it was an emergency, and the student replied, “Yes, I think I put my underwear on backwards this morning.” --Toni Velure, teacher, MMS

--“Tommy” sits across from “Suzy.” Tommy is a handful, and Suzy does a great job being patient with him. I overheard the following conversation take place a few days ago…

Tommy: Suzy, do you want to spend the night at my house?

Suzy: No thank you (said quite sweetly)

Tommy: I think you should spend the night at my house.

Suzy: No thank you (a little less sweetly this time)

Tommy: It would be fun. I have a cool bunk bed.

Suzy: NO THANK YOU! (a bit sternly this time)

Tommy: Why don’t you want to sleep with me?

Suzy: Cause I have a headache!

— Rachelle Schroeder, Kindergarten teacher, Rocky Branch)

-- We have end of the year All Conference meetings in Menomonie. I supervise football, baseball, and....gymnastics. I usually pick up our coaches and we drive over together. This year my coach is 21 years old. She and her assistant coach rode with me. On the way home, out of the blue, the head coach said “Oh no! I forgot to tell my Mom where I was going to be tonight!” There was a pause and I said, “You know, in 10 years of doing this, that is the first time I have ever heard that!” Just makes me feel even older. — Rollie Hall, Activities Director, RFHS

--(In response to a call for donations to help St. Croix Central after the elementary school there was burned by an arsonist) “The kids at Rocky Branch are willing to donate their homework so the elementary kids at SCC have something to do!” — Chuck Eaton, principal, Rocky Branch

--As we finished our morning meeting yesterday and I asked the class to go to their table spots one of my little girls stopped me and with absolutely the most concerned alarmed look said, “Mrs. Ekstrom it is VERY dangerous to go skydiving without socks on’ .... That’s it no more no less! — Pam Ekstrom, teacher, Rocky Branch

-- I was working with a first grader in the therapy room. She finished her work and had time to choose an activity. She chose to play a little piano which had color coded keys and song sheets. She started playing Three Blind Mice, then began working on another song, and finally she got up from the table and said, “I think that music is too hard for me to play.” … “I think it’s a love song.” It was Farmer in the Dell! — Kim Quayle, occupational therapist, district-wide

Before signing off from this last column, I wanted to thank Phil Pfuehler and all of the staff at the River Falls Journal for giving me space in this paper every other week over the past five years to communicate with district residents.

I have truly appreciated the opportunity to write “River Falls Public Schools: Everybody’s Business” for the Journal, a newspaper that I believe works hard to portray accurate stories yet also allows for me to give my take on educational news and views via this column.

Thanks also to this community for the tremendous support I have received during my tenure as your School District of River Falls superintendent, as well as the outpouring of good wishes for my retirement.

It has been an honor to serve you. I wish the community and school district continuous success and growth, as well as a safe and relaxing summer.

God bless us, Everyone!

Tom Westerhaus, School District Superintendent