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Artsminded: Saying goodbye and wishing you well

Let us first say goodbye to two professional women who have wonderfully served the arts in the River Falls area for several years.

Jera Terreng will not actually leave the River Falls area but she will end her job as events coordinator at the River Falls Public Library. Jera will continue with us as supporter and creator of the arts, but her spectacular career organizing art shows and other events both illuminating and informative came to an end last Saturday.

Jera chose to resign from her position as gallery coordinator while her events were still fresh and stimulating.

The last art exhibit she will sponsor is a mostly fiber show called "Rare and Enticing Works," by the Saffron Collective - this is one you won't want to miss.

The artists - women from the region - are Kiki Augustine (local), Moira Bateman, Beth Andrews, and Fernanda Sequieros. These four artists were mentored by an organization of established artists called Women's Art Resources of Minnesota.

The show opened on June 1, with a reception from 1-3 p.m. Even if you missed the opening, go to the exhibit. We promise you'll see art interpretations unlike any you've ever seen!

Included with the exhibit in the glass cases are images of the creative process of each artist. Most of the art is fiber and much of the fiber comes from the Navaho Churro sheep, traditional breed of the Navaho nation, raised by Julie and John Kinefick.

The opening reception was Saturday, Jera's last day on the job; however, the exhibit extends through July 6.

A note on the Keneficks' Navaho sheep: In the 18 years since they and other farms across the nation have been raising the sheep as part of a preservation project, the danger of their extinction has been lowered from "very threatened" to merely "rare."

Farewell Jera, thank you for leaving us with such a fine and engrossing exhibit.

And welcome to the new events coordinator, we look forward to many more exhibits and programs at the library, whether they be art, history, science, film or media undreamed of.

And farewell Debbie. Debbie Griffin has for years been the arts' best friend at the River Falls Journal. Her photography of arts events, especially CAB events, has done much to let the community see and love our local arts scene.

So has her faithful rendering of what those representing the events have told her. We will miss her fine and fun interviews, we will miss her articles in the Journal and we will miss her in River Falls.

I hope in her new home she will find a place to use her talents as effectively as she has for the Journal.

Now here are other arts experiences we can see in the next couple of weeks. As the weather gets finer and the roadside views become more colorful, it will be good to take drives to see what our local artists are doing afar:

--One Voice Mixed Chorus presents the Minnesota Voices concerts including "The Couple Next Door" by local composer Phyllis Goldin to be held at 7:30 p.m., June 14-15, at Sundin Hall, Hamline University. Visit for more information.

--Drive the back roads to see the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour, especially Vera Wong's first venture into permanent sculpture. The sculpture is fine; so are the roadside trillium, trees.

--See a fine exhibit by several artists, but especially Lana Sjoberg's Rain Forest in the Overlook Gallery at the Phipps through June 28.

--Fire and Water featuring Karen Sebesta and Nanci Yermakoff from 5-9 p.m. on June 9. A ceramics and paintings exhibit at the Seasons on St. Croix Gallery.

--Call for Artists: Phipps annual members exhibition submission deadline is 3:59 p.m. on June 14. The exhibit will run from June 28 - July 28. Any member, anyone who has contributed to the Phipps since Oct. 1, is eligible. Contact the Phipps for more information.