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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Days Gone By: Feb. 14, 2013

10 YEARS AGO, FEB. 13, 2003

In downtown business news, former UW all-American "Woody" Fangmeier opened Innate Chiropractic at 650 S. Main St.; Scott Reuter's "No Job Too Small" STR Construction got its start, Jerae and husband Pete Hanson were bringing the bar business back to the old Corner Saloon spot at 126-128 N. Main St., most recently housing "The Booth" a youth center now to be called "The Hoosegow;" St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity received a $6,000 grant from Edina Realty Foundation; and Cellular One at 209 N. Main Street offered 3,600 minutes a month for $24.99 plus a free Nokia 5165 cell phone with a one or two year contract. The plan also included 600 anytime minutes, free unlimited mobile-to-mobile, and free nationwide long distance.

Wildcat senior champion Allie Flanscha took first place on the balance beam, uneven bars and floor exercise to set a new state record for Division 2 gymnastics.

20 YEARS AGO, FEB. 18, 1993

For the second year in a row the high school wrestling team followed its conference championship with a regional championship. The top four included Josh Cudd, Clint Clay, Aaron Cudd and Jason Moore.

Greenwood principal and cross-country skier Brian Schwab was teaching his grade school students to ski during informal lessons held after school.

A community winter celebration hosted by Kolpak, "Freezer Days," was set to begin with a Feb. 27 concert by country stars Suzy Boguss, Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, straight form Nashville, along with craft sales, softball and volleyball tourneys, bench press competition, archery, snowmobile speed runs and dart and bowling tournaments.

30 YEARS AGO, FEB. 17, 1983

New River Falls police officer Jeff Linehan was following in his grandfather's footsteps. Daniel Linehan was police chief for 18 years in the 1940s and 50s.

High schoolers Brenda Johnson, Terri Hamilton and Jean Tronnier won 11 of the 15 possible placings at a gymnastics meet.

Simon Shepherd won the state high school cross-country skiing championship.

UW wrestler and Ellsworth high school graduate Paul Frandsen took the WSUC wrestling title; making him a three-time conference champ; he was also named outstanding wrestler of the tournament.

40 YEARS AGO, FEB. 15, 1973

At a meeting lasting 4 ½ hours, besides regular council business, irate citizens appeared before the City Council to complain about snowmobiles running at night, rental property inspection fees being too high, ban on beer selling in Glen Park , proposed dancing ordinance, traffic congestion on Division Street, and overuse of traffic signals at the corner of Main and Maple Streets. It started with a woman living at 988 East Hazel St. complaining about "snowmobiles under my bedroom window at 3 a.m." and ended with Mayor Dugan Larson asking the dwindled crowd at 11:25 p.m. if there was anyone in the audience "who dares to bring anything before the council before adjournment."

50 YEARS AGO, FEB. 14, 1963

In Main Street business news River Falls' newest dress shop, Lynn Rose, and the Corner Bar's new owners, Norman Deiss and Earl Loida, were both hosting grand openings this week.

The first home in the 145-home Sullivan Addition on the south side was set to be built under the corporation of A.OK, with George Banta, Wm. McEwen, Leslie Sullivan and one other unnamed River Falls businessman.

FFA member Richard Timmerman took first place in the St. Croix County Soil and Water conservation speaking contest, winning a $10 prize for his speech on "soil erosion."

60 YEARS AGOm FEB. 19, 1953

R.J. Delorit, who had been teaching at Plymouth High School for the past ten years was selected to replace Clyde Campbell as agriculture instruction at River Falls High School.

Breaking all previous game-point records, the River Falls College Falcons basketball team beat Stevens Point 110 to 105, with Roger Kuss making 54 of those points.

The American Legion Post here was launching a new club for River Falls Senior Citizens. All men and women over the age of 70 are invited to help organize and decide how and when future gatherings will be held.

80 YEARS AGO, FEB. 16, 1933

One of the most threatening fires in years broke out in an overheated chimney in Art Strauss's River Falls Tire and Battery shop on South Main Street three doors north of the Hotel Gladstone. The Wooden Shoe hamburger shop, Pearl Bjerstedt's Beauty Parlor and the Frank Falteisek's barbershop also suffered damage.

A cold snap lasted 12 days with many roads in the area blocked by snow and temperatures in the 34-below zero range. Many roads required large crews of men to precede the plow to loosen the snow and there was a count of 36 teams of horses in town due to the condition of roads for motor traffic. It was said that the snow is piled to within a foot of the cross arms on the telephone poles at placed along Highway 65 south of New Richmond.

90 YEARS AGO, FEB. 15, 1923

A warning had been issued to town chairmen that wolf pelts were being imported from other states to unscrupulous hunters who turn them in for the higher bounty paid.

River Falls Lunch Room, 121 Elm St., owned by Mrs. C.E. Spillcke promised strictly home baking with lunches at all hours, soups and coffee a specialty.