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Days Gone By

10 YEARS AGO, JULY 25, 2002

Former River Falls man, John Baker, had a leading role in helping Russia dispose of weapons-grade plutonium.

Kent Forsland, founder of Designer Doors in River Falls, reported they were doing great business supplying upscale garage doors to serve a nationwide trend in residential architecture.

Sara Rudesill, Alison Sipple, Kate Simon, Suzanne Kolpin and Katie Kolpin teamed up to win the Summer Track and Field competition at St. Olaf College.

20 YEARS AGO, JULY 23, 1992

Another River Falls Days concluded with Holly Selleck named Miss River Falls; Herman and Margaret Fritsch leading the parade; and medallion finders Corey Eakins, Lauri Schmitz and Eric Tostrud uncovering their prize near the Cedar Street bridge.

In other activities during the weekend, Paul McManus of Hudson retained his title at the 10K race, Tony Bushinger won the Demolition Derby, and although only two bikes were entered in the children's bike decorating contest, all were blue ribbon winners -- Kelly and Derrick Dusk for one bike and Abbie Joy for hers.

Four churches -- St. Bridget Catholic, Ezekiel Lutheran, UCC Congregational and United Methodist, worked together to provide a free meal once a month to local residents.

During a session with youngsters at the library Friday, NASA's chief astronaut and UW-River Falls grad Dan Brandenstein answered questions ranging from Mr. Spock, using space potties, sleeping in space and how the space shuttle's parachute deploys.

30 YEARS AGO, JULY 29, 1982

About 185 UW-River Falls union employees will have to take a week off without pay between now and Oct. 3 due to cutbacks by the state Legislature.

Rose O'Connell and Marie Deja were new owners of Cliff's Fixit Shop on North Main Street.

Allison Schultz, daughter of Dennis and Sandy, won an Atari video game for raising more than $500 in this year's "Jump Rope for Heart" program.

40 YEARS AGO, JULY 27, 1972

A missing stop sign at an intersection northeast of town was blamed for a collision which sent six people to the hospital.

Dr. Dennis E. Simpson joined the dental practice of Dr. Alan O. Stewart of River Falls.

Marilyn Wall, daughter of Mrs. Marguerite Wall, was recently commissioned a First Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps.

Dangerous mud holes were one of the reasons swimmers were asked to stay away from the old swimming hole and rope swing at Lake George.

50 YEARS AGO, JULY 26, 1962

The Public Service Commission announced city electric rates were to drop 10% and approved two new fountains for the downtown park.

David-McLaughlin furniture store was in the midst of a give-a-mattress-away each month promotion with Lyle Larkens the latest winner.

As a result of the latest "gas war" in town, the price of gasoline dropped down to 25 cents a gallon with a warning from state officials to keep prices posted within legal size limits.

60 YEARS AGO, JULY 24, 1952

James Young had purchased the Moe Tavern (formerly Thom's Tavern) on South Main Street.

Jenny Sue Garnett, 1952 graduate of the high school, was awarded a $100 scholarship by the Northwestern Wisconsin Schoolmasters Club.

Leaders of the daily shifts of skywatchers included Alvin Olson, William Baird, Glen Healy, Robert Fisher, Douglas Boles, Leonard Matteson, and John Mosher. Anyone who could stand watch a few hours one day a week searching the sky for enemy warcraft was asked to call Forrest McCue, chief observer.