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Letter: High court’s ruling bad for our cherished voting rights

By The Rev Nancy Holden

River Falls

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed the racist practices of the South, taking away its power to discriminate against non-white voters.

The requirement for federal approval put extra obligations on those states, and now the Supreme Court has ruled that unconstitutional.

The court did not have the power to do what would have been much better for the country — namely to extend the requirement to all states.

That action would strip Wisconsin Gov. Walker of his power to discriminate against certain voters, as some other governors are doing in other parts of the country.

The southern states needed correction and life improved for all their citizens as a result of President Lyndon Johnson’s act.

The rest of the country, including Wisconsin, deserves the same treatment to stop the gerrymandering and voter-ID laws from damaging our most precious democratic right.