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Editorial: What really interests you? Post it regularly on Journal website

Last week online Journal readers may have noticed some new contributors. They represent our newspaper's blogging initiative. Our aim is to expand the volume, variety and depth of the online content that you find when you log on at

We also hope to add more bloggers soon and on a continuing basis. People who blog on our website aren't to be confused with reporters. While they may have a journalism background, bloggers come from all walks of life. Instead of writing assigned and objective news stories, they are independent freelancers writing about topics they're passionate or knowledgeable about.

You could even call bloggers special-interest writers. They have a niche, and they want to let you know more about that niche or interest. They do so by giving their own personal slant. Journal website blogging is just another news form we believe will bring a greater appreciation and awareness to the many strands that are woven into the River Falls community

There are millions of bloggers on the Internet, so the concept's not new. Our local blogging will not in any way replace the journalism you read in the Journal's weekly print edition or the online version with its daily updates. There are city, school, town, county and sports stories that will still be gathered and reported on as always. We trust our readers will distinguish between these stories and views expressed by our bloggers.

Last week these three began posting on the Journal website under the heading Area Voices: Mayor Don Richards (DRviews); David Matthews (Liberal Musings); and Samantha Bluhm (Powerful Perspectives). This week two more joined: Erin Tomlinson (Raymond James) and Kris Miner (Restorative Justice). Check out what they're saying. The idea of blogging is that the content gets freshened often, so look for the latest as these and other bloggers update their sites with evolving information and news.

For those who might want to start a blog on the Journal website, the door's wide open. What would you like to let people around here know about on a regular basis? This is your chance. Bloggers operate on their own schedule. Their material, while it appears on the Journal website, is not edited by the Journal news staff.

If this opportunity intrigues you, please get in touch. The Journal's phone number is 715-425-1561. Direct calls and e-mails can be made to editor Phil Pfuehler, 715-426-1050,;

reporter Debbie Griffin, 715-425-1048,;

and sports editor Bob Burrows, 715-426-1047,

Our blogging initiative is meant to extend a wide-ranging net. Don't be shy about giving it a try.

Online Poll: Economists are out of touch!

The Journal's online poll question this week asked: What do you think of the experts' recent proclamation that the recession ended in June 2009?

The results as of Tuesday:

--TOTALLY DISAGREE, are these so-called experts living in a bubble on the dark side of the Moon? 37.3%

--DISAGREE, seems unrealistic with unemployment so high and wages stagnant, 28%.

--AGREE, the economic indicators are slowly climbing, 12.7%.

--MAYBE, hope they're right, 11.9%.

--AGREE TECHNICALLY, but not seeing much evidence, 10.2%.

To vote, go to Look for a new poll question Friday.