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Letter: Drop outlandish, strive for credibility

Joshua Shelton-Davies regaled and delighted us with his own biting -- yet to be fair -- entertaining letter last week (10 points to Josh).

It's amazing the cunning lengths Mr. Davies went to in making his own opinion letter entertaining, while chastising others for using creative verbiage.

I suppose Abraham Lincoln could have said, "87 years ago..." while writing the Gettysburg Address. But really, doesn't "Four score and 7 years ago..." pack a little more punch?

In the future, some opinion writers to the River Falls Journal may choose to "self-censor" their letters to comply with Mr. Davies' suggested guidelines regarding entertainment value, and to refrain from using big, overwhelming words with three syllables.

However, perhaps a more productive exercise for opinion writers would be to actually cite credible references for the outlandish so-called "facts" printed in their letters.

I challenge recent-letter-writer David Matthews to cite a credible source for his absurd statement, "Well, now there is a 99% chance that we are cooking the planet, and all the models predict far worse destruction on our planet than any nuclear weapon could deliver."

(Sorry David, Al Gore doesn't count as a credible source! Remember, he's not a scientist, but he is a well-known unscrupulous manipulator of data.)

In a world full of misinformation, Fox News and Talk Radio (100.3 FM) expose and debunk political self-serving ideology. They check and recheck all facts, sources and data before reporting the news or relaying opinions.

Fox News Network and Talk Radio don't create or manipulate data like government bureaucracies or radical environmentalists. However, some of their programs will occasionally make a joke, or invoke a comical parody.

News, politics, opinions and entertainment do mix well together! But if Joshua Davies prefers drab, mundane, "entertainment free" options, he'll always have NPR or Air America.