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Letter: Don't compare nuclear devastation to global warming

There seems to be a great disconnect with reality for many in America. I can't come to any other conclusion after reading one of the letters recently in the Journal.

The statement was made that "we are cooking the planet, and all the models predict far worse destruction on our planet than any nuclear weapon could deliver."

I would hope that any clear thinking person would disagree. I understand that there is much confusion surrounding the global warming debate, and I am always skeptical when scientists refuse challenges to their theories and data.

My point is not about whether global warming is empirically proven or not. The point is that the devastation of nuclear weapons is proven.

It is the most deadly form of human annihilation available to man. It is immediate in its effects, with fallout for decades. The global consequences of nuclear winter are real.

We haven't thought about this for the two decades since the Cold War ended. The threat was as real then as it is now, and perhaps more.

Iran's psychotic leader has broadcast his desire to fulfill his religion's prophecy of the end of the world by engaging the West in mankind's final battle.

Iran is also test-firing rockets with greater distance capabilities and success. Years of failed diplomatic negotiations have left the world in grave danger.

I find the threat of global warming insignificant in comparison.

In fact, the distraction it has caused to a world faced with a truly cataclysmic threat reveals an incomprehensible ignorance that promises to be the downfall of the Western World.