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Letter: Nothing to do but pass on local gas

Why are River Falls gas stations always higher than surrounding towns, always first to go up and last to come down?

They say there is no collusion in the gas industry, so why do local stations go up and down by the same amounts, at the same time and charge the same prices?

Why did River Falls stay at $2.69 for over two weeks when other towns dropped to $2.55?

Why is Prescott gas always less than River Falls when Prescott and River Falls get their gas from the same places and at the same prices?

They say it's to compete with Minnesota. If that's true, doesn't River Falls have to compete with Prescott and therefore should lower its prices?

River Falls has now gone up to $2.63 since gas has gone up in surrounding towns. If it took two weeks to lower local prices, why is River Falls now first to be higher?

River Falls is gouging the locals. That's why I always get my gas in Minnesota or surrounding towns. Two days ago I filled my tank in Hudson at 10 cents a gallon less than in River Falls.

If River Falls merchants wonder why people go to Hudson to shop, the savings in Hudson more than makes up for the gas used to get to Hudson -- whether it's to buy gas, groceries or merchandise.

The River Falls supermarkets and department store prices are also too high. Of every dollar I spend locally on gas, food and merchandise items, I would say I spend 95 cents outside of River Falls.

Until local gas dealers wake up and lower prices, I will continue supporting businesses outside of River Falls and urge all local citizens to do the same.