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Letter: Cheers for views of this outdoor columnist

I applaud Dan Wilcox's sane and level-headed column, "Global climate change is not a myth."

Mr. Wilcox usefully reminds us not only of the seriousness of the problem of climate change, but also of the validity of the scientific consensus that, until recently, was generally held in high respect.

As an outdoorsman, Mr. Wilcox is an acute firsthand observer of the ways climate change is affecting our immediate environment, and as a scientist, he is better equipped than many of us to interpret that information. He is exactly the kind of authority we should be listening to.

Unfortunately, some, like letter-writer Peggy Steffl, still dismiss the consensus of thousands of international climate scientists as a "hoax."

Contrary to her mistaken assertion, the recent kerfuffle over a few climate scientists' e-mails has in no way "disproved global warming." It merely demonstrates that scientists are all too human, and prone to jealousy and turf wars like the rest of us.

I recommend as a thoughtful antidote the new book by the man the climate change deniers have made their whipping boy, Al Gore. Mr. Gore's "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis," is a comprehensive and informative survey of available and developing clean energy options that can help make the world a greener, healthier, and safer place for us all.

In fact, Mr. Gore devotes significant space to the biochar and carbon sequestration technologies Ms. Steffl mentions in her letter.

All of this he accomplishes without name-calling or raising his voice. Maybe not as entertaining as the partisan theatrics of Fox News, but far more constructive.