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Letter: Without finals, students lose out

As a River Falls High School graduate in 2009, I have come to realize I am at a disadvantage with the people I surround myself with at the UW-La Crosse.

Entering the college world the first day of classes I read through each class syllabus. Each professor ended the class by stressing the importance of finals.

Finals are an essential part of college and make up a big portion of grades. As I talked amongst fellow college classmates, I came to realize that River Falls High school is one of few schools that do not have finals.

I realize the block scheduling is somewhat an issue with finals but being prepared for high education is essential.

In high school grades are very important to most students and having finals could potentially lower these grades. But isn't it more important to prepare the students for the next level of education?

Hasn't that been the goal throughout our schooling years -- to be prepared for the next level of education no matter what the grade level?

High schools should require finals starting with freshmen. Having finals could teach students better study habits because tests are comprehensive.

Students would be tested on everything they learned throughout the quarter instead of portions of the class. If students have good study habits and prepare themselves, they have more confidence while taking a test.

With this confidence, students who think they will do better on a test more times than not get better scores.

Making finals mandatory in high school would be an advantage for those going on to higher education.