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Letter: Cartoon offensive to sheriff, law enforcement

Last week's cartoon depicting a conversation between a deputy and the St. Croix County Sheriff was a cheap shot and disrespectful of law enforcement personnel.

These professionals put their lives on the line every day, even when off duty, to protect us. A minimum requirement from us citizens is consistent respect.

Even when these outstanding persons, who maintain the "thin blue line" in our society, make errors, exaggerating the mistakes is uncalled for at any time.

Whatever happened at the county jail was not done intentionally.

In fact, after working for 36 years as a probation and parole agent in St. Croix County, some of those during the term of Sheriff Dennis Hillstead, I can say without reservation that I always found him, his officers, and the staff at the jail, consistently devoted to doing a job in a professional manner under very difficult circumstances.

Since my retirement I have had more time to spend with persons not involved in law enforcement. I am repeatedly amazed by how ignorant and unjustifiably critical so many persons are of law enforcement.

When I saw your cartoon published in what is supposed to be a respectful newspaper, my opinion regarding this matter was reinforced.

I would suggest that the person who composed the cartoon and you, the editor, owe the sheriff and law enforcement a public apology.