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Letter: Great schools? Yes, just visit River Falls

We would like to thank our granddaughters, Emily and Grace Heil, for inviting us to Greenwood Elementary School's Veterans Day concert held at the middle school.

It was very enjoyable and had a patriotic theme which Grandpa, a veteran, appreciated.

The music teacher, Ms. Lyons, was fantastic. She had command over all those sweet second- and third-graders like I couldn't believe. We can't always control two of them!

Sadly, midway through the concert, a little girl fainted. With great calm, both Ms. Lyons and the students waited as several staff members took the girl offstage.

I watched as they cared for and comforted her. They massaged her arms and legs and watched over her as one would their own child. I was moved to tears.

The concert resumed and ended with great applause.

I have experienced many special things done by school staff for students, too many to recount. One was done for our daughter Grace when she was in kindergarten at Greenwood. Her teacher, Mrs. Webb, made a book of mementos for the entire year. She will cherish that forever.

I do have one complaint. I am having trouble understanding second grade homework, but the kids are doing fine.

We all hear so much about how our schools are failing our youth. Well, I have some advice for those who think that: Come visit River Falls and you may change your mind.