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Letter: Cooperation brings success

The St. Croix County Fair in Glenwood City, was a consummate success.

This is in no small degree due to the cooperative efforts of many individuals: The Fair Board, the Friends of the Saint Croix County Fairplex organization, Fairest of the Fair ambassadors, 4-H participants and their mentors, senior citizens, local sponsors, many volunteers and very supportive fair goers.

The conscientious work done by our county 4-H groups and their leaders, beginning with their creatively constructed road signs (14 of them, advertising the Fair's "Fun in Your Own Backyard" theme, and strategically located throughout our county), and culminating in their multitude of competitive entries (arts and crafts; canning; photography; woodworking; sewing; poultry, swine and cattle grooming to name but a few) was truly inspiring.

Young people, you are our future and you are our hope!

The list of local sponsors and supporters is long. My sincere thanks and congratulations to all who played a part in this year's wonderful endeavor.