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Letter: Sidewalk riders: Get to know us, we're harmless

I noticed in the Police Beat section of the paper that a person was given a $50 ticket for riding their bike on the sidewalk. Who would have thought that a bicyclist would be such a horrible criminal so as to take the sidewalk?

This person was actually given the citation when he was riding home sober after bar closing. It sounds like the officer who issued the citation was having a bad night and could have possibly used some shut eye. I believe a warning would have been sufficient.

Being a fellow bike rider I also take the sidewalk at night. The main reason for this being the crime report in the River Falls Journal.

With how many drunk driving citations that the RFPD gives on a weekly basis, which I strongly support and am happy to read about, I personally do not feel safe riding my bike on the road.

In fact I would suggest that sober people take the sidewalk, especially near bar closing when some tipsy patrons take to the streets. The bottom line is that the sidewalk could save your life.

Perhaps this police officer should ask the rest of the RFPD how to be more kind and understanding toward those of us that ride bicycles. We really are not out to hurt anybody and if you stop to get to know us you will most likely find that we are friendly people.

Sometimes the police have to protect the public. It's just too bad that in this case it was against a harmless bicyclist.