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Editorial: Online upgrade: See it next week

In its 140-year-plus history, the Journal has changed the appearance and functionality of the local paper many times. Our bound volumes offer tangible evidence of this evolution.

Old editions of the paper show bigger pages, fewer pictures and use of courtesy titles like Mr. White and Mrs. Green.

Next week, the Journal's website undergoes its first evolutionary change. When readers visit us on the Web on or after Wednesday, June 10, they'll notice c-h-a-n-g-e.

The biggest will be registering anew, whether users previously registered or not. Sign-up or sign-up again, and you're ready to enjoy the new features.

The graphic above shows where to find the log-in/register feature in the upper left corner. That's where readers need to start on or after next Wednesday.

If you don't remember your password, you can make up a new one. If you want to use the same password and don't remember it, go to our site before June 10 and click Member Center at the bottom of the left-hand list. Enter your e-mail address and we'll send your current password.

Tens of thousands of hits to the Journal's website each week mean people log on regularly to see breaking news, photo galleries, a glimpse into what the print edition holds, a weekly poll question, reader comments, events, announcements, exclusive stories and more.

Everyone will still find those features, but in larger, easier-to-read type. They'll find the sections that used to be listed down the left side, conveniently condensed to tabs at the top.

"Ghost" over or click those tabs to see the subsections underneath. Our readers in the towns of Clifton, Kinnickinnic, River Falls and Troy will find news pertaining to their communities.

Looking for school news? Click the education tab to see news about UW-River Falls, Chippewa Valley Technical College or K-12 public and private schools.

Need to look for something? It'll be easier after June 10 with a more powerful search tool, expanded options and the ability to search individual sections. You can even "Google" right from our site.

Readers may notice more color, bigger pictures and improved aesthetics. A new home-page feature displays top stories and photos in a slide-show-like format and without scrolling.

Advertisers will have more varied options. Banners, tiles and ads tied to key words enable businesses and organizations to more accurately target their audiences.

Until the technological dust settles, the Journal will maintain a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab in the upper right corner. Anyone having trouble is welcome to call, too (425-1561).

A lot has changed in the 14 years we've been posting stories and becoming "your local, online news source." Together we'll adjust to the changes and see where the next stage of evolution leads us.

Hot topic: Where do you stand?

The Journal's online weekly poll question asked: Have you changed your mind about same-sex marriages?

As of 1 p.m. Tuesday, the response was:

  • Yes, the civil rights argument especially has convinced me to consider supporting the concept, 29.32%
  • No, this is a clear moral issue, not subject to public whim, and only a man-woman union should be sanctified, 65.41%
  • Not really, still listening to both sides, waiting for some argument that will finally decide it for me, 5.26%

    To vote go to

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