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Election day: Where not to vote...And also where to vote

The primary featuring contested races for St. Croix County district attorney, two state assembly seats, 3rd and 7th Congressional districts, U.S. Senator, and treasurer in Pierce and St. Croix counties is Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Parties on the ballot include Republican, Democrat, Constitution, Libertarian and Wisconsin Green.

City residents who live in St. Croix County will no longer vote at the National Guard Armory, West Division and Winter streets.

That voting site was partly phased out for last April's spring election. For the Aug. 9 primary, it is now totally out.

Deputy City City Clerk Bridget Hieb said the Armory's new security protocols have made easy public access for elections there impossible.

St. Croix County city residents, Wards 1- 4, who voted at the Armory will have a new place to vote – River Falls Public Library, North Main and Union streets.

For the Aug. 9 primary, library voters will be directed to the main floor meeting room. For parking, use the library's lot and along Union Street.

For the bigger turnout expected for November presidential, the library's lower level will be used for voting with overflow parking arrangements made at nearby St. Bridget Catholic Church.

Last spring Pierce County city residents who used to voted at the Armory – Ward 5, including the Golfview Drive neighborhoods and the Glenmeadow Street neighborhoods – switched to voting at City Hall.

The switch to that voting site will continue for this primary and future elections.

The city's other voting sites remain the same: UWRF's University Center; high school; Meyer Middle School.

For those unsure of where to vote, call Hieb at 715-426-3419 or go and click on Election/Voter information, then Polling Locations: Where Do I vote. The site includes a map.

Those who live in the surrounding towns – Kinnickinnic, Troy, Clifton, River Falls, Martell, Pleasant Valley -- vote at their respective town halls.

Voting statewide is 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 9.

Wisconsin's relatively new photo I.D. will be enforced for the Aug. 9 primary. That means River Falls residents must bring one of these to vote: state driver's license; state DOT-issued ID card; military ID card issued by a U.S. uniformed military service; a U.S. Passport; ID card by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin.

Hieb said a new court ruling by a federal district judge has amended the Wisconsin photo ID law.

The change will take effect for the November presidential election. It means those without a photo ID can vote by signing an affidavit and check off a specific reason why they couldn't obtain a photo ID.

“But you won't just be able to say you forgot to get one,” Hieb said.

City Hall needs you

While the city has enough poll workers for the Aug. 9 primary, Hieb said many more are needed to handle the expected massive turnout for the fall presidential election.

“Right now we have about 70 poll workers, but I would like to add another 50-75 poll workers for fall election,” Hieb said. “We try to make voting day go as smoothly for people as possible so they don't have long to wait.”

Voting can be time consuming, with the photo ID requirement and Wisconsin allowing citizens to register to vote on election day.

Hieb said she has devoted poll workers who have worked from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. She doesn't expect that from everyone.

“We're flexible and will take any help we can get,” she said. “That means poll workers who might just be able to help out over lunch or dinner hours. Some workers may just do voter registration, others are greeters who show voters where to go and what to have ready.”

Poll workers earn $8.25 an hour. They must live in Pierce or St. Croix counties, being fluent in English, “have strong clerical and customer service skills” and “be an effective communicator.”

Deadline to apply is Sept. 30. Training and swearing-in sessions will be held at City Hall in October.

If interested in applying, call Hieb or email her at