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Featured River Falls Journal letters of the week from St. Croix & Pierce district attorneys

He’s ready to move up to the No. 1 spot

Sean Froelich

River Falls

Pierce County district attorney

It is my pleasure to write in support for Rory O’Sullivan for his candidacy for Saint Croix County district attorney.

In my role as district attorney in a neighboring county, it has been a privilege to supervise Rory for the past three and a half years in his role as assistant district attorney.

Mr. O’Sullivan is a highly skilled and competent prosecutor who carries a complex caseload of felony and misdemeanor cases.

I should mention that Rory is part-time and balances his prosecution work with his private practice. At trial, Rory excels in his presentation of evidence and has received favorable jury verdicts in some very difficult cases.

Mr. O’Sullivan’s sense of honor in prosecution is a calling for him, as demonstrated in his enthusiasm and overwhelming sense of pride in his work. This is not just a job for Rory -- it is the beginning of his life’s work.

Despite his workload, he always volunteers to assist not only myself but the other attorney and staff in the office.

Rory has such a positive outlook and cares about the people he serves. He is not only an excellent prosecutor, but a great human being with a true passion to inspire and lead others, which is something any great leader should posses.

Sadly, I do not want to lose Rory, but I understand that his dream to be the next St. Croix County district attorney is more important than my selfish desire to retain him in my office.

With every confidence, I support Rory O’Sullivan for St. Croix County DA.

Candidate’s work made a believer out of me

Eric G. Johnson

St. Croix Co. district attorney

In August 2012 my office faced significant challenges. We had lost two assistant district attorney positions due to loss of grant funding.

We also had a prosecutor retire who had been with us for 25+ years.

I became aware that Mike Nieskes, the Racine County district Attorney, may be interested in relocating.

Mike was DA in Racine County for seven years and a deputy district attorney for 15 years.

Mike had an excellent reputation as a prosecutor and administrator. Recommendations for Mike were exceptional.

Mike eventually joined our St. Croix office in September 2012.

I quickly learned that the information that I had received from prosecutors and law enforcement in Racine County was true.

Mike Nieskes is an excellent prosecutor and trial lawyer. He works hard and is focused on finding the truth and doing the right thing. He is committed to working with law enforcement and listening to their concerns.

Mike is also willing to step forward to help and mentor new prosecutors and law student interns in our office.

Mike’s previous and extensive experience as a district attorney and deputy district attorney has assisted our office significantly. Two years after working in my office, Mike was named deputy district attorney.

I believe the citizens in St. Croix County should vote for the person who would do the best job as district attorney Aug. 9.

Mike is aware of the many responsibilities that the district attorney has and has a strong record of accomplishment.

He will protect the citizens of St. Croix County along with running an efficient and fair office.

I believe he is clearly the most qualified candidate for St. Croix County district attorney.