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Letter: Cow entrants at county fair were unfairly singled out

I am writing because I am mad at the one vet from UW-River Falls because my younger sister had trained and tamed two calves for her and her friend to take to the Pierce County Fair.

We all went there Thursday morning and took the calves out of the trailer. The vet from UWRF said we couldn’t leave the calves at the fair because when we had taken them out of the trailer, my sister’s calf bumped its foot on the trailer floor and wasn’t walking on it, and then we had to pop the horns on the head so there were holes in the calves’ heads.

So the vet from UWRF came over to my dad and said that he can’t accept the calves in the fair because they had holes in their heads from popping the horns.

The vet also said that my sister’s calf was lame because it was limping on its foot from hitting it on the trailer.

That vet doesn’t have final say, so if he is reading this, I want him to know that he didn’t have the right to kick my sister’s calves out for that.

This vet was also accepting cows with poop up past their stomachs, yet they say all animals have to be clean before entering the fair, so I don’t think he had the right to kick us out.