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Letter: Political party is a disease harming our democracy

I need to comment on a topic that some might see as “dead” in Wisconsin state politics, and therefore “irrelevant” to our political perspective.

Yes, we had a bit of a tiff over making it more difficult to vote, based upon a fictional problem of voter fraud in this state.

And yes, it turns out reality did not stand in the way of creating legislation that only opened the door for people to be denied their constitutional right to vote.

My current inspiration comes from other Republican-controlled state governments across the country carrying on this proud embrace of trying to stand in the way of “representative government” with a false claim of “protecting the integrity of the voting process.”

They do that by making it more difficult to vote — new requirements of voter ID, limiting voting days, eliminating same-day registration, and on and on.

It’s a disgrace perpetuated by a party with no sense of integrity or shame.

I don’t care if the legislation merely requires people to identify their elbow and their nose, and answer which is “presently” closer to your mouth. Any effort to make it more difficult to vote for no good reason identifies its supporters as enemies of democracy and deniers of individual rights in this country.

Be absolutely certain: This is now a disgusting, dangerous, virulent, nationwide Republican lie threatening our democracy.