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Letter: Helpful dentist deserves the crown of compassion

 I would like to share a story of true kindness that reflects the neighborliness and small-town spirit of River Falls citizens and businesses.

My husband and I were enjoying downtown festivities on a visit from Phoenix for River Falls Days when he had a dental emergency. His temporary crown had broken completely off, leaving him unable to eat and in pain.

We were concerned that we would have difficulty finding an open dental office

on a Saturday and that even if we were able to find an office, the repair

would be inordinately expensive.

Disheartened, we began walking toward our car and passed directly by the Page Family Dentistry office on Locust Street.

Dr. Michael Page was outside handing out balloons and toothbrushes to those passing by and my husband mentioned what had happened to his tooth moments before.

Dr. Page very kindly offered to open the office and repair the tooth. He meticulously performed the dental work and when finished kindly refused any offer of payment.

We were amazed and extremely grateful that he was willing to take time out from his celebration of River Falls Days to help us in this way with no compensation.

Being from Arizona, we are unable to utilize Dr. Page’s services. However, we would like it to be known that he is an ethical, kind and hospitable provider.

Those considering a new dentist would be well advised to visit his office.