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Drinking ferments uncommon behavior, denials

He was a local 20-year-old allegedly speeding, doing burnouts and squealing his motorcycle tires on South Main Street after 2 a.m. Friday, Aug. 9. The arresting officer said he could smell burned rubber and alcohol.

The young man had his line of defense ready for the officer:

--Officer, my speedometer must be stuck at 30 mph.

--Officer, I was playing golf earlier in the day and beer got spilled on my clothes.

The man proved to be no Perry Mason. He was given citations totaling $940 and also a Notice of Intent to Revoke his driver’s license.

In the last week, River Falls Police also:

--Arrested a 57-year-old city of River Falls man for drunk driving late Saturday night, Aug. 10, at South Main and Spring streets.

The man denied having an open can of Coor’s Light beer in the front seat where an officer said it was in plain sight. Later the man denied drinking but field sobriety tests seemed to show otherwise.

He was given an $864 citation and, because he refused to take a chemical evidentiary breath test, also a Notice of Intent to Revoke his driver’s license.

--Arrested a 38-year-old man from Hudson for drunk driving Saturday evening at North Main and Summit streets. Police took a complaint that the man’s Nissan Altima was all over Hwy. 35 and almost going in the ditch.

His erratic driving allegedly continued once he got off the highway and onto Main Street. The man said he had come from a golf course in North Hudson and was heading for a high school class reunion in River Falls.

--Arrested, twice, a 28-year-old River Falls man for disorderly conduct last Tuesday night, Aug. 6, at the apartment building at 1119 S. State St. Police were first called there for a disturbance in the parking lot.

The suspect was found sitting outside with a bottle of vodka. An officer had to threaten him with a Taser stun gun before the agitated man settled down.

The man was said to be drunk. He didn’t want to talk to officers, didn’t want to go to jail. All he said he wanted was to have his vodka back.

He was given a $177 citation, released to the sober care of a friend and urged to lay off the booze.

Hours later, police were called back to the apartment.

The man had allegedly fought with his girlfriend, kicking her in the shin and punching her shoulder.

He was angry at her and others at a party for taking away his vodka. Everyone told him he had too much to drink already. This time his arrest led to a trip to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Arrested a 24-year-old Hastings, Minn., man for disorderly conduct and a warrant at 2 a.m. Sunday near the Main Street/Cascade Avenue intersection.

The man, said to be drunk and agitated, claimed he was jumped and choked by three unknown men in a van.

It was soon learned, however, that the Hastings man was fighting with his girlfriend and that he allegedly shoved and punched her until she fell to the ground.

Several bystanders intervened to pull the man away.

The girlfriend was found later. She said she was too drunk to remember what happened. Then she lay down in the back of a squad car.

Another female witness was reached by phone. She was also drunk and her replies were incoherent.

The Hastings man was given a municipal citation for his conduct and then taken to county jail in Ellsworth because he was wanted in Pierce County.

There is more to read in Police Beat. Find it in the Aug. 15 print edition of the River Falls Journal.