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Enjoy Packers on TV while you can

The Green Bay Packers will open the 2009 regular season on national television Sunday evening on NBC against the Chicago Bears with a home game at Lambeau Field. But after that, the TV blackouts begin for River Falls and western Wisconsin viewers.

We all know the reason. This area of the state is considered part of the Twin Cities TV market.

NFL policy doesn't recognize loyalties to state teams, just TV markets and advertising revenues.

The Twin Cities stations televise the Minnesota Vikings first, even to Packer fans on this side of the river.

When a Viking game doesn't conflict with a Packer game, the Packer game is usually shown.

The tentative list of Packer TV blackouts for River Falls area residents starts right after the Bears game in week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

For the complete list of blackouts and more on this story, please read the Sept. 16 print edition of the River Falls Journal.