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Weather: That’s the No. 1 water cooler conversation

 While extreme cold temperatures continue in the River Falls area, officials are telling residents that all city offices and operations continue to be open for business.

This includes the public library (open until 8 p.m.), which can be used as an area to get warm should you need some immediate temporary shelter from the cold.

There were reports asking for reasonable conservation of propane and natural gas.

While these are accurate, the River Falls Municipal Utility operations are functioning normally and electricity supplies have not been impaired by the weather.

While conservation is always appropriate where one can conserve, there are no impending electricity shortages in River Falls due to the weather.

The Waste Water treatment facility is functioning normally and the distribution water system continues to deliver water.

The city asks residents not to forget pipes on exterior walls or crawl spaces. These areas sometimes are sparsely insulated and can be vulnerable to freezing in extreme cold.

Fire Chief Scot Nelson reminds people with newer high efficiency furnaces to check exterior exhaust vents for condensation and ice buildup as well as snow potentially blocking the exterior vent.

If any of these are occurring, clear the blockage to prevent carbon monoxide backing up into the home. Says Nelson: “Please use extreme caution when using alternative heat sources in the home. Read all operating instructions carefully on the products you use and keep flammable items away from the heating source.”

Throughout the winter, the city is also asking for assistance in clearing snow from around hydrants near to people’s homes.

Parks and Recreation has cancelled all Jan. 27 youth activities scheduled at school facilities. Tuesday’s schedules are yet to be determined.

City snow removal operations were conducted as normal and crews are sparingly using specialty treated salt at intersections, hills, and some curves.

Drivers are reminded to reduce speeds as icy patches can develop quickly. Even using treated salt, it will have limited impact at temperatures this low.

The joint City Council/School Board meeting will be held as scheduled at 5p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, at City Hall. The City Council will hold its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.