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Grumpy Old Men, food shelf need you

Mel Germanson, Linda Wollan, Karen Kielas and Jerry Carter are all about collecting food for the local pantry.

Mel Germanson and Jerry Carter, the self-proclaimed Grumpy Old Men, embark on yet another year’s downtown drive to support the River Falls Food Pantry.

They will collect various food-related and paper-product items, plus take cash donations all day Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 2 and Dec. 3. The two retirees will be posted at Veterans Park on Main Street, snow or shine, and be propped up by their youthful sidekick, Karen Kielas, who works at WESTconsin Credit Union.

Over the years, the Grumpy Old Men have raised tens of thousands of dollars and many truckloads of supplies to keep local Food Pantry shelves stocked. They give credit where credit is due – to individuals and families who walk up to them on the sidewalk or pull over in their vehicles and then give something.

That’s what Linda Wollan did recently in the picture above. She saw the Grumpy Old Men and Kielas posing by their pickup truck and holding a Food Pantry sign, so she braked and handed over cash.

Germanson, Carter and Kielas hope the goodwill trend continues this Monday and Tuesday.