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Walker wants tougher unemployment standards

Governor Scott Walker implied on Thursday, Feb. 14 that a number of unemployed people milk the system to keep getting jobless benefits.

Walker told fellow conservative Charlie Sykes on WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee that employers tell him "all the time" that it's frustrating to have jobs open but hear only "the mumbling of people who really just come in and want to get things signed off, to continue to get their benefits."

Walker said it's why he wants to make unemployment recipients apply for at least four jobs a week instead of the current two.

The proposal was originally made by a task force that recommended 200 changes to state regulations. Increasing the employer contacts is one thing Walker can do without having to get legislative approval. The task force also said applicants for jobless benefits should provide more documentation in order to cut down on fraud - and reduce the 18 situations in which workers can quit jobs and still get benefits.

Walker said he laughed when he heard Democrats and media say the changes would make it harder to get unemployment. Walker said it's not punishment to make people apply for at least four jobs a week.

The governor added that when he was looking for work, his parents made him go out looking five days a week, or more if businesses were open.