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3rd District U.S. Congress candidates

Ray Boland challenges incumbent Ron Kind for the 3rd District U.S. Congress seat.

Ron Kind Bio




    La Crosse




    Wife Tawni; two sons, Johnny and Matt


    Harvard College, London School of Economics, Minnesota Law School

Professional background:

    Member of the US House of Representatives since 1997; interned with Senator William Proxmire while attending Harvard University; elected to Congress in 1996; former La Crosse County prosecutor; special prosecutor throughout western Wisconsin.

Campaign website: :

Ray Boland Bio








    Wife Donna, six children, 11 grandchildren.


    Civilian schooling: Wood County Teachers College; bachelor of science in social sciences, Troy State University; master of science in communications, Shippensburg, University of Pennsylvania. Military schooling: Wisconsin Military Academy (1964), U.S. Army Flight School (Fixed Wing and Helicopter, 1971), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (1981), U.S. Army War College (1981)

Professional background:

    Colonel, retired, U.S. Army; public school teacher (1959-1961); garrison commander, Fort McCoy Army Base (1988-1991); secretary, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, (1992-2003); Boland & Associates Consulting (2003-present); active duty leadership commands -- deputy director of operations for Forces Command Headquarters, brigade commander, battalion commander and attack helicopter unit commander -- Vietnam combat service 1966-1967,1969-1970

Campaign website:

Candidates' responses to two questions

    What are the most important issues in your race, and how do you plan to address them?

Boland: Balance the federal budget, reduce the national debt and eliminate wasteful spending. Repeal Obamacare, reform the tax code and reform entitlement programs.

Kind: Getting our economy back on track, creating good paying jobs is my number one priority. We can do that by fostering an environment where small businesses can succeed and provide opportunities to grow a secure middle class.

We must also develop a long-term strategy to get our spending under control. Cutting spending in health care and defense and reforming both the tax code and outdated farm subsidies is a good start.

We must combat rising health-care costs and work to ensure that every American has access to affordable health care. We can do that by continuing to implement the Affordable Care Act and make changes as necessary along the way.

To accomplish anything, we have to put partisanship aside, come together, find the common ground that I know exists, and make the tough decisions to get our economy moving again. It's not going to be easy but our future depends on it.

    How is your experience in the public and private sectors a plus for the job?>

Boland: I know duty. I have a successful proven record of responsible leadership; applied organization skills; political wisdom; passing personal examinations under fire (civilian and militarily); unselfish devotion to God and country. I will oppose the business-as-usual culture in Washington. I'm ready to help return our nation to fiscal solvency.

Kind: I have been an effective and independent voice for the people of western Wisconsin. In fact, in a recent study, I was ranked the fifth most independent voting Member of Congress.

I think that shows that I've been trying to find solutions to the challenges we face whether they are Democratic or Republican or Independent ideas. I've always believed in working with my colleagues across the aisle. In this gridlock, we're going to stop playing politics and work together to get our economy moving again.

I'm also not afraid to stand up to political leadership if I think something doesn't work for the people of western Wisconsin. That's what the people expect from me and that's what I've been delivering. I'm not going to rest until we get the economy creating the good paying jobs Americans need right now.