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Lawmaker vows to revive bill to prevent political auto calls

Freshman Representative Andre Jacque of the Green Bay area says if he's re-elected, he'll re-introduce a bill that adds "robo-calls" to the popular do-not-call list for telemarketers.

His measure went nowhere in the most recent session. Jacque said folks complained about getting up to a dozen calls per day leading up to the recent presidential primary.

Jacque said the attacks were so vicious that people were often afraid to answer their phones - and he says that's unacceptable. He says the automated calls have little accountability - and if a candidate or party wants to make a nasty attack, Jacque says a live person should do it.

Live political calls would still be allowed under Jacque's bill. And with four more statewide elections this year, Jacque says people will be anxious to see his bill move forward when lawmakers return in January.

Two-point-three million phone numbers are on Wisconsin's no-call list - which also has exemptions for charities, public opinion polls, and business calls to present-and-past customers.