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UPDATE: Final numbers in for St. Croix and Pierce counties

Final numbers (unofficial) have been reported in Tuesday's primary in both Pierce County and St. Croix County. In St. Croix County (41 of 41 precincts), Democrat totals are: Tom Barrett, 3,162; Kathleen Falk, 1,611; Kathleen Vinehout, 412; Doug La Follette, 214; and Gladys R. Huber, 156.

On the Republican ticket, Gov. Scott Walker, 7,583; and Arthur Kohl-Riggs, 196.

Lt. Gov: "Fake Democrat" Isaac Weix, 3,211; Mahlon Mitchell, 3,020; and Ira Robins, 1,175.

With all 28 precincts reporting in Pierce County: Tom Barrett, 1,624; Kathleen Falk, 765; Kathleen Vinehout, 336; Doug La Follette, 96; and Gladys Huber, 64. On the Republican ticket, Gov. Scott Walker had 2,906 votes, and Kohl-Riggs, 96.

On the Democratic side for lieutenant, Mahlon Mitchell has 1,663 votes; Ira Robins, 661; and "fake Democrat" Isaac Weix, 1,549