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'The Lights are spectacular!'

That's what Karen Marsh says about her fantastic outdoor Christmas display at W11386 County Road FF, town of Clifton. The first round of the region's major snowstorm struck Wednesday night, but Marsh said she's dusted off some snow here, dug out some snow there, and all the ornaments and lights should be in good shape for people to drive through again and look at.

"We had a good night last night," Marsh said. "Some 60 cars came by, and we also collected $41 for the Food Pantry and some food items...One person said 'it looks just like the North Pole.'"

Marsh said she's determined to keep the outdoor Christmas display running through New Year's.

A storm earlier in December disrupted the display. Marsh put in many hours to restore it and it reopened again last week.

Another foot of snow is still expected in River Falls Thursday night through Saturday.

Marsh says she gets more people viewing her outdoor display on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. That's when the heaviest of the snow is predicted to fall.

"If you can, come for a look," she said Thursday afternoon.

The Christmas display is located at the Roman Pechacek farm, about four miles off of Hwy. 29 on Country Road FF.

There is a table in the driveway for anyone interested in making local food pantry donations.

Turn into the driveway and follow the loop all the way around in back until exiting on the other side. Marsh says people can drive through from 5-11 p.m.