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Troy supervisor candidates compete at polls Tuesday

Sue Warren, left, and Chuck Struemke, Troy town supervisor No. 1 candidates.

There is one contested race in the town of Troy. It is for the supervisory seat No. 1 being vacated by Gloria Wahrenbrock.

The two candidates were asked to provide information about themselves and to briefly explain their candidacies.

Sue Warren

Colleges attended: St. Olaf College and University of Minnesota

I was director of WelLHaven Supervised Living Center. I was also part owner of the Red Wing Health Center, serving on its board of directors. My partners and I sold the facility in 1997.

I retired to my work as a community volunteer and to manage our farm, where we bred and raised horses. I worked on planning committees for many state and regional horse shows and was a regional delegate to the international association. Our farm is a participant in the Wisconsin reforestation program.

Married to Carl Warren, clinical professor of law, U of M Law School

Children: Sarah Warren and Noah Warren are young adults, who live and work in Minneapolis.

Community Dedication and Commitment: Since moving to Troy in 1990, I have served on various committees and boards in both Hudson and River Falls, primarily following my interest in theater, music, gardening and writing. My husband and I attend church in River Falls. We have taught Christian youth education classes for many years. We both sing in the River Falls Community Gospel Choir.

I serve on the planning committee for the annual MLK (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) breakfast. I have served as an election poll worker since 2008. I am a member of the Hudson Home and Garden Club and volunteered at The Phipps for 10 years as production coordinator of the Christmas show. I also was a member of the Phipps Children's Theater Council.

I was honored to have been encouraged by many to run for Troy Supervisor. I admire and appreciate the vibrant, lovely tapestry of Troy -- its farms, river communities, parks, developments and small businesses.

Troy's unique transfer of development rights (TDR) program, has served well in protecting its rich farmland and its charm, ensuring the urban rural mix that we value.

Citizens often give of their time and talents to serve our community. For example, volunteers helped develop the exciting new fiber optic service coming this spring to Troy's residents.

My own service for the past few years as a citizen volunteer on the Troy Comprehensive Zoning Code Committee has given me insight into many of the challenges facing Troy. I would welcome the opportunity to work together with others on the Town Board and in the community to help ensure Troy's future.

Like many of Troy's residents, I share ties with both River Falls and Hudson and desire good relationships with our neighboring cities and towns. I will work towards the climate of mutual respect I hope will govern our interactions as we each grow.

During the last round of boundary negotiations with River Falls, I was active in a group called River Falls Citizens for Desirable Growth which worked to formulate a sense of what good growth might look like.

If I am elected, my goal will be to listen, learn, communicate and work to achieve what is in the best interests of Troy and its citizens.

Chuck Struemke

I was born the fifth of seven children, in a small farmhouse by Roberts. My family members were share farmers, moving from farm to farm in St. Croix County, finishing at what is now the UW-River Falls Farm #2. I spent my 15th and 16th years living with Louis and Marie Huppert, then started working, after school, on JR (Red) Clapp's farm.

Soon after graduating from the River Falls High School, I volunteered to join the U.S. Army. After graduation from helicopter flight school, I was assigned to Vietnam, where one of my brothers soon joined me.

I returned to Ft. Knox, Ky., transitioned into attack helicopters (COBRA) and volunteered to go back to Vietnam. The Army's needs sent me to Germany where I met and married my wife of 37 years. I retired after 24 1/2 years.

We have four children: Tammy (special ed. teacher) and her husband and two children; William (deputy county attorney) and his wife and four children; John (juvenile detention facility correction officer) and his wife and three children; and Bryan (chef for Wolfgand Puck).

I have a Bachelor of Arts in aviation management and a Master's in business. Select additional schools/qualifications include federally certified in managing compliance of OSHA, Accident Prevention and Investigations (air and Ground), Wisconsin Law Enforcement Academy, hazardous waste management, and numerous instructor courses.

Troy Town Board-appointed constable, elected and reelected, St. Croix County Board supervisor for four years, a current law enforcement officer in St. Croix County and a substitute teacher.

I am running for supervisor because the people of Troy township are tired of the abuse of authority; noncompliance of state/town ordinances; failure to protect the town's environment/property, and the rights of township employees. Pay raises to themselves and employees while many St. Croix County/Troy township citizens are losing their jobs/homes are disgraceful.

The transfer of the (old) Town Hall to River Falls was agreed to before being put up for bid. After repeated overwhelming votes

to keep constitutionally authorized constables, at annual/special full town meetings, the board again scheduled the issue during the minimally attended (about 10-12 citizens) annual budget meeting where only 6-8 votes eliminated our constables.

The board has been trying for years to consolidate all power with them, and now they have been successful (we can get our constables back). Even now, the board is trying to push through an agreement with River Falls, despite a previous full town hall unanimously voting against it. Is this the type of government that we cry out for?

Repeated reports from citizens of gang symbols/graffiti carving/drawings into the park tables, broken bathroom stalls/doors, fences and torn nets went ignored for years. The board further ignored federal and state law by failing to report a large fuel spill to the state. This derogation of duty cannot stand; the people deserve better than that.

I will work for a financially responsible, law-abiding, open and responsive government that respects the citizens' wishes, employee rights, and protects property we have entrusted to the town.