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Troy woman warns about reckless driving

At the Aug. 14 town of Troy meeting, resident Lisa Smith, 649 Tribute Parkway, expressed concern about drivers chronically speeding through her neighborhood.

Smith said most drivers going “45 miles per hour or higher” live within the neighborhood.

Smith, who said she has two deaf children of her own, said she’s put up neon yellow caution signs for her yard. The signs were stolen.

To make matters worse, four of the five 25 mile per hour speed limit signs have been removed.

Town Supervisor and chairman of the town’s Roads Committee, David Hense, thought the signs could have been removed by contractors. Hense has ordered four new speed limit signs.

“There is going to be an accident,” warned Smith. “I just want to make sure that if something happens, I feel like I did everything I possibly could to prevent it.”

The town of Troy will also ask for extra patrol of the subdivision by St. Croix County deputies.

--By Rachel Baumer