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RF Town land dispute seems settled

In July town of River Falls resident Joe Sahnow, N8194 950th St., asked the Town Board to verify whether the 10-foot-wide strip of land between his property and neighbor Sonia Steiner’s, N8202 950th St., is owned by the town.

This strip has been disputed between Sahnow and Steiner, with Sahnow certain the land belongs to the town.

Sahnow says Steiner believes the land was grandfathered to her because she maintains it. Sahnow also accused Steiner of placing a “No Trespassing” sign there.

At its Aug. 4 regular meeting, the River Falls Town Board reviewed a plat of the South Valley Addition where Sahnow and Steiner’s houses are.

The plat clearly shows a separate section of land -- designated as a town “walkway” -- between the two neighbors’ property.

Board members discussed placing rope or twine on each side of the walkway to set apart the town’s land from the neighbors’ properties.

For more town of River Falls news, please see the Aug. 14 print edition of the Journal.

 --Rachel Baumer, correspondent for River Falls Journal