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Harsdorf: Gov. Dayton should accept new tax reciprocity offer

“Today’s (July 24) offer by Wisconsin to reinstate the income tax reciprocity agreement goes beyond meeting all the demands made by Minnesota when they ended the agreement in 2009,” according to a statement by state Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls).

“This proposal gives Minnesota all that they asked for and more with an annual payment of $87 million, accelerated payments, and higher interest rates.”

Added Harsdorf: “I call on (Minn.) Gov. Dayton and his administration to sign this agreement and restore the cooperative, neighborly approach our two states enjoyed for decades. 

“Finance Secretary Chandler and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have met all of Minnesota’s demands when they ended the agreement in 2009. 

“Now is the time to support our taxpayers and businesses on both sides of the river to reduce the burdensome requirements and higher costs imposed by the lack of reciprocity.” 

Minnesota abruptly canceled the 41-year-old tax reciprocity deal with Wisconsin in 2009. It affects some 80,000 residents who live in one state and commute across the border to work in the other.