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It's official: Tri-Angels playground site named

Tuesday night, July 22, the River Falls City Council finalized the Hoffman Park location for the Tri-Angels playground.

The city has worked with the Tri-Angels fundraising committee for two years.

Now that the group is nearing its fundraising goal, construction is one step closer.

Committee members looked relieved and smiled as the City Council announced approval of the playground’s location.

The Tri-Angels playground will be located directly north of the Hoffman Park parking lot where the old ice rink is.

The city will reserve the Tri-Angels location for up to 36 months. Construction will begin as soon as the group raises all of the $550,000 needed.

Tri-Angels committee members said they were happy to have their location approved. Now it brings the group a step closer to building the playground.

“We’re happy and we’re going to get this thing done before 36 months,” said Michelle Rinehart, committee member. “This is going to help our completion of the playground.”

Unlimited Play, a nonprofit that designs and builds universally accessible playgrounds, is working with Tri-Angels.

The nonprofit is helping the Tri-Angels committee raise money and will construct the playground, paid for entirely by donations.

The playground at Hoffman Park is also viewed as a memorial to three sisters in River Falls who were slain by their father in July 2012.

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