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Coach’s in River Falls temporarily to lose liquor license

RIVER FALLS - The City Council Tuesday night, June 24, voted to suspend the liquor license for Coach’s Bar & Grill, 127 S. Main St.

The bar will have its liquor license suspended from July 1-10 due to past violations.

City Attorney Bill Thiel worked on the case and described the situation to the City Council.

Thiel said Coach’s owed its beer wholesaler a $7,500 bill from last September. Coach’s also allegedly violated local law last February when there were unlicensed employees running the bar.

During an inspection, a state agent found two employees without operator’s licenses.

The agent told the employees to close the bar until a licensed worker arrived, according to a report from Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Meanwhile, the bartender fled. He was later found to have given false identification to the agent.

The agent also discovered three bottles of liquor contaminated with fruit flies and one filled with hot peppers.

Thiel said these events caused the city to question the competence of Coach’s liquor license agent, Gwendolyn Paulson.

A sign posted outside of the bar during the March 29 Bar Crawl caused further concern. It encouraged people to get drunk at Coach’s.

Thiel met with the company’s attorney and discussed a settlement for the case, which the City Council approved.

Coach's owner, Chad Seguin, didn't attend the council meeting and sent a young woman to represent him.

"I really wish Chad would have been here," said Mayor Dan Toland. "I just wanted to let Chad know how serious this is and how serious we take this, seeing as he couldn't find the time to be here."

For more on this story and the rest of the City Council action from June 24, please see the June 26 print edition of the River Falls Journal.