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What to do about overhauling Liberty Road?

The good news is that the town of Kinnickinnic got an $888,000 grant from Wisconsin -- the largest awarded anywhere in the state -- to help with the upcoming redo of Liberty Road.

The bad news is that, should the project proceed, it’s likely not all will be pleased by the outcome – especially some homeowners on that road.

Town Road Committee Chairman Roger Van Beek attended the June 3 Town Board meeting and gave an update.

Road Committee members have met with property owners who may be affected by Liberty Road’s redesign and possibly lose land.

“The outcome won’t be favorable in everybody’s eyes,” said Van Beek. “The board will have to head into this knowing it will have to make some tough decisions.”

There are two 10-15 mile-per-hour curves on Liberty Road. About 450 cars use the road daily.

The proposed redesign would straighten curves so that they could be traveled at 50 mph.

Studies estimate that in six years, 750 cars will travel the road each day and eventually it will be a “direct connection” to Highway 29.

Van Beek said that by straightening curves Liberty Road will move farther away from homes.

However, this means homeowners will have longer driveways to maintain. Van Beek noted that most of the land exchange will involve two landowners, but that three or four others may be involved.

Town Board Chairman Jerry Olsen said that the project will force board members to do some “soul-searching.”

For the complete story and more town of Kinnickinnic news, see the June 13 print edition of the River Falls Journal.