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Lottery credit week is coming up

ELLSWORTH -- The Pierce County Treasurer’s office is designating the week of May 12-16 as Lottery and Gaming Credit Awareness Week.

Last year the average lottery and gaming credit in Pierce County was about $120. The exact amount is based upon the school district in which a resident lives.

You may claim the Lottery and Gaming credit if you are the owner of a home and use the home as your primary residence on Jan. 1 of the year in which property taxes are levied.

You may claim only one primary residence.

You cannot claim the credit on business property, rental units, land, garages or other properties that are not your primary residence. A non-Wisconsin resident cannot claim this credit.

To verify if you received the lottery credit, visit the Pierce County Website and click on “Lottery Credit Week”. 

Instructions will help you determine whether you received the lottery credit on your tax bill. 

If your property meets the eligibility requirements, and you did not receive the credit on your 2013 property tax bill, contact the County Treasurer’s office. 

The treasurer’s office will assist with completing the necessary paperwork, filing the forms with the Department of Revenue, and ensuring that the credit is applied to the 2014 tax bill.

If your property did not meet the eligibility requirements on Jan. 1, 2013, but did meet the eligibility requirements on January 1, 2014, submit a completed application, Form LC-100, to the County Treasurer’s Office.

Forms are available at the Treasurer’s office or online at 

A signed copy of the application must be on file to be eligible for the lottery and gaming credit. 

For more information on Lottery and Gaming Credits, contact the treasurer’s office at 715-273-6743.