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Salaries for non-union county employees listed

The following are the 2014 salaries for county non-union managers, department heads and supervisors after the Pierce County Board approved a 1.25 percent salary increase Feb. 25. Salaries are effective March 17 and were obtained through an Open Records request. 

JoAnn Miller, Administrative Coordinator $114,413.00

Bradley Lawrence, Corporation Counsel $95,596.80

Andy Pichotta, Land Management Director $95,596.80

Susan Galoff, Public Health Director/Health Officer $90,542.40

Ronald Schmidt, Human Services Director $89,086.40

Chad Johnson, Highway Commissioner $84,136.00

Julie Brickner, Finance Director $81,889.60

Janet Huppert, Information Services Director $81,660.80

Ronald Kiesler, Community Behavioral Health Manager $81,660.80

Rodney Webb, Land Conservation Director $79,747.20

Heather Conway, ADRC Manager $77,729.60

James Harris, Construction Superintendent $77,729.60

Jorv Gavic, Court Commissioner $77,480.00

Nancy Hove, Sheriff $75,275.00*

Kristi Petersen, Child, Youth and Families Manger $74,048.00

Jason Matthys, Sheriff’s Chief Deputy $73,465.60

James Kleinhans, Zoning Administrator $72,883.20

Steve Melstrom, Solid Waste Administrator $72,883.20

Scott Schoepp, Parks Superintendent $72,883.20

Alan Thoner, Patrol Superintendent $72,883.20

Gary Brown, Emergency Management Director $71,302.40

Jason Fey, Assistant Corporation Counsel $69,638.40

Raymond Dohm, Shop Superintendent $69,576.00

Rebecca Johnson, Public Health Business Manager $68,016.00

Tammy Billeter, Human Services Operations Manager $66,393.60

James “Louie” Filkins, Surveyor $65,000.00

Wade Strain, Sheriff’s Lieutenant – Investigations $64,792.00

Michael Waltz, Sheriff’s Lieutenant – Patrol $64,792.00

Tammy Fluger, Children Youth Families Manager $63,044.80

Christina Tuenge, Economic Support Manager $61,568.00

Emily Lund, Assistant Zoning Administrator $59,612.80

Rand Kluegel, GIS Specialist $59,467.20

David Till, Veterans Services Officer $59,467.20

Luann Berger, Child Support Manager $58,344.00

Peg Feuerhelm, Clerk of Courts $58,124.00*

Scott Walker, Maintenance Supervisor $57,595.20

Bradley Roy, Zoning Compliance Officer $57,116.80

Debbie Feuerhelm, District Attorney Office Manager $57,096.00

David Murphy, MRF Supervisor $57,096.00

Dee Novak, Register in Probate $57,096.00

Phyllis Beastrom, Treasurer $56,715.00*

Jamie Feuerhelm, County Clerk $56,715.00*

Vicky Nelson, Register of Deeds $56,715.00*

Travis Campbell, Assistant Parks Superintendent $55,889.60

Susan Gerdes, Highway Department Office Manager $55,868.80

Katie Bartko, Public Health Manager/WIC Director (80%) $55,660.80

Wanda Kinneman, Insurance/Safety Coordinator $54,870.40

Michelle Schulte, Corp. Counsel Office Manager/Paralegal $53,664.00

Dennis Fritz, Conservation Technician $52,832.00

Larry Gruber, Conservation Engineering Technician $52,832.00

Jon Krauss, Soil Conservationist $52,033.80

Ken Hines, Fair Groundskeeper $49,150.40

Natalie Stockwell, Sheriff’s Department Admin. Assistant $44,366.40. Stockwell works 50 percent, meaning she earns half of that $44,366.40 salary.  

Ann Webb, Fair Coordinator (66%) $39,248.35

John Worsing, Medical Examiner $18,397.50

*Elected officials. Their salaries were obtained through meetings documents as the county board was trying to determine the salaries of clerk of courts and sheriff for the next four years.